The better box rail - heavy duty box rail for Industrial, commercial, DIY
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the better box rail 


Extra Heavy Duty - Corrosion Resistant. Precision Machined Trolley and Intech Power-Core High Load Capacity Machined Polymer Rollers. 8ft custom formed light weight & heavy duty aluminum track. 

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Product Details

Manufacturers and designers of precision sliding doors and indoor/outdoor architectural partitions are always striving for systems that offer quiet performance and ease of operation to meet the customer’s demand for effortless, noise-free operation.  

Intech Power-Core™ rollers were originally designed for the demandinf high speeds and heavy loads ofindustrial linear motion applications, but have proven to be an ideal solution for use in opening doors and partitions. Intech Power-Core™ rollers and trolley systems have been designed to run smoothly and quietly for a lifetime or beyond. The specailly formulated and precision machined tires were engineered to resist flat spot development, a common problem in most engineered plastics. Moreover they will not absorb moisture, a common problem inhigh load bearing plastics like nylons, and they will never wear out the rail or create metal particle contamination, a commom problem in metal wheels. These parts are designed to work in the heat of the dessert or chill of the arctic. The durable, dimensionally stable tire material carries high load and retains strength over a wide temperature range (-40ºF to +140ºF).  


The roller is assembled using a proprietary thermotechnology, rather than injection molding, to ensure precision and stable configuration. When combined with a precision roller bearing, this process creates properties that account for a very quiet and smooth ride.

Manufacturers and designers of sliding weight-bearing products have found that Intech Power-Core™ rollers offer a unique excellence in ergonomic presentation, stability and performance under virtually any temperature, moisture or load condition. The Load capacity per trolley is 200 lb, while on our Aluminum Track and Trolley set the capacity is 400 lb. Applications for Intech Power-Core™ roller and trolley systems include fine furniture, cabinets, sliding doors, office partitions, luxury boats, airplane cargo doors, oversize doors for commercial and industrial refrigeration units, and automatic doors for trains and commercial buildings.